About Us

Metal Rips developed from a natural progression for a love for cars and an entrepreneurial spirit to design and produce a product that others would love and want to display in their homes, shops, or wherever they may be.

Our namesake, “Rip,” grew up with a love for racing, muscle cars, and engineering anything that would improve whatever he was working on at the time. He “see’s” things from that perspective. How can I improve this? What will make this better? If it doesn’t exist, he’ll endeavor to make it.

With decades of machining, being an industrial mechanic, and building and restoring cars, he decided to build his own plasma cutter. Metal Rips came next. 

Our business has grown from cars to other interests customer’s might have in home décor, sports, pets, custom designs, and more. 

We have been blessed and are so thankful for this business that God has entrusted us with. It is our desire and our vision to continue to make top of the line metal art products and to grow everyday to be the best metal art company we can possibly be.

With more ideas on the horizon, stay tuned for Vrieze Motors next!

About Us